Are you a Sunshine Coast Based Community Organisation?

The Sunshine Coast Regional Council has recently released the latest round of their Community Grants Program available to not-for-profit community organisations to help create resilient and inclusive communities that embrace diversity.

Of particular interest is the following 9 key funding programs:

  1. Major Grants – current round closes 18 March 2019
  2. Minor Grants – current round closes 18 March 2019
  3. Regional Arts Development Fund – current round closes 1 March 2019
  4. Environment Levy Grants Program – current round closes 18 March 2019
  5. Individual Development Grants – current round closes end February 2019
  6. Discretionary Funding – open all year round
  7. Emergency Grants – open all year round
  8. Community Partnership Funding – EOI Closes 20 May 2019 (with applications due 10 June 2019)
  9. Sports Field Maintenance Funding – current round closes 13 May 2019

Program Details

Details of each program are briefly summarised below:

ProgramFunding (maximum)Eligible ProjectsOverview
Major Grants$15,000 (all categories)

$30,000 (Community Facilities category)
Applicants Must Demonstrate:

• A purpose that is in the public interest including significant community need and benefit

• Strong alignment with the council’s priorities, strategies and plans

Projects and activities must align to relevant priorities in the following categories:
• Community Development
• Community Events
• Community Facilities
• Cultural Development
• Cultural Heritage
• Economic Development
• Sport, Recreation and Healthy Living

Supports not-for-profit organisations to deliver and organise one-off projects, events and activities that have a broader community benefit

Priority given to projects that:
• Increase the self-sufficiency of the organisation
• Reduce environmental impact and/or provide energy, water and waste efficiencies

Grants <$7,500 will be fully funded by SCC
$7,501 - $15,000 grants require 50% co-contribution
$15,001 - $30,000 grants require 75% co-contribution
Up to 20% of co-funding requirements can be volunteer hours at $30 per hour.
Minor Grants$2,000Refer to Major GrantsRefer to Major Grants.
Regional Arts Development Fund$10,000Concept Development Funding
To assist in the research or development of ideas for new projects.

Project Funding
For new, developed or established projects or to significantly redevelop existing projects.

Seed Funding
For projects that demonstrate strong commercial potential in the longer term.

Individual Development Funding
For creative practitioners to attend or present at appropriate arts events.

Mentorship Funding
For creative practitioners to engage in short term development activities with a qualified mentor.
Supports local arts and culture while aiming to develop emerging and established artists, producers, creative practitioners, businesses & not for profit organisations.
Environment Levy Grants Program$5,000
(Environment Levy Grants)

(Landholder Environment Grants)
Environment Levy Partnerships
• Not-for-profit organisations whose operations & services contribute to the enhancement and protection of the environment.

Environment Levy Grants
• For projects that make a positive and ongoing contribution to the region’s biodiversity and waterways values.

Environment Levy Landholder Grants
• Assistance for private rural landholders to undertake on-ground projects on their properties.
Funds projects that make a positive and ongoing contribution to the protection and enhancement of the Sunshine Coast environment.
Individual Development Grants$500

$2,000 (Groups/Teams)
Applicants Must:

• Be competing in an official national/international championship, recognised by a National Sporting Organisation (NSO) that is endorsed by the Australian Sports Commission.

• Selected for an official QLD or Australian team, endorsed by the relevant National Sporting Organisation.
These grants support individuals who are performing, competing or representing the Sunshine Coast local area at national/international competitions, conferences and events.
Discretionary Funding$100,000
(Mayoral & Counsellor Funding)

(Divisional Discretionary Festive Funding)
Mayoral & Councillor Funding
• Funds are allocated at the councillor’s discretion to organisations for community purposes.

Divisional Discretionary Festive Funding
• Funds allocated for the purpose of encouraging community groups to take on the responsibility of festive lighting and decorations to the Sunshine Coast area.
Applicants Must:

• Demonstrate a purpose that is in the public interest

• Align with the priorities of the council’s Corporate Plan
Emergency Grants$2,000Assessed on the following:

• Failure, damage or loss of essential equipment or infrastructure and deemed to be an emergency.

• Significant impact on the organisation’s ability to continue to operate.

• Significant health and safety implications for the organisation’s and/or service users.

• Evidence that the project is not covered by insurance.
Funds projects that have arisen as a consequence of failure, damage or loss of essential equipment or infrastructure due to unforeseen circumstances.
Community Partnership FundingIn line with operational costs.Examples of eligible funding include:
• Insurances
• Electricity
• Rent
• Rates
• Security

This program does not support one-off projects.
Provides up to 3 years of funding towards operational expenses to not-for-profit organisations that provide services which support the delivery of council’s corporative priorities and demonstrate broad community benefit.
Sports Field Maintenance FundingContribution calculated based on type of sport and period of maintenance responsibility throughout the year.Applicants Must:

• Be a not-for-profit sporting organisation.

• be Incorporated, or an Australian Public Company-Limited by Guarantee.

• Have formal tenure on Council or Crown Land or own their facilities freehold.

• Have primary responsibility for maintaining the sports field/s on a regular basis.

• Be willing to enter into a Maintenance Agreement with the Council.

• Agree to regular site inspections.

Provides up to 3 years of funding as a contribution towards the cost of the maintenance of sports fields and sporting facilities.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the above projects, applicants must:

  • Operate within the Sunshine Coast Local Government Area or alternatively demonstrate how the program will benefit residents of this area
  • Have been a permanent resident in the Sunshine Coast local area for the last 12 preceding months
  • Have met all acquittal conditions for previous grants
  • Hold appropriate insurance and adhere to sound workplace health and safety practices
  • Be able to demonstrate viability
  • Have no outstanding debt to the council

For a more extensive breakdown of eligibility criteria for each project please refer to

Further Information

For further information or to get involved in the above projects, please contact Dianne Brown of SRJ Walker Wayland on 07 3490 9988.