SMSF Administration

SMSF Administration


SRJWW is responsible for the administration of many Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF). Key aspects of our SMSF administration services include:

  • All funds are managed within BGL’s Simple Fund 360 superannuation fund management system;
  • Fund transaction processing is automated with the use of Bank Feeds, Managed Fund Feeds, Share Broker Feeds and other mechanisms which optimise efficiency;
  • Attendance to the accounting and tax treatment on behalf of trustees for all manner of strategies recommended by licensed financial advisors in a Statement of Advice and associated documentation including pension commencement, cessation and operations and Transfer Balance Cap issues;
  • Financial Statements, Member Statements and Regulatory Returns are prepared and technically reviewed to ensure compliance with superannuation laws and regulations;
  • Auditors are worked with closely to ensure efficient management of audit queries and timely release of Audit Reports;
  • Trustees are alerted to any potential breaches of superannuation laws and regulations to optimise the ability to rectify early;
  • Trustees are kept apprised of all taxation and regulatory matters relating to their fund such that there are no surprises.

Personal Financial Advice / Financial Product Advice

SRJWW acknowledges, understands and complies with the laws relating to the provision of Personal Financial Advice and Financial Product Advice regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Neither SRJWW nor any of its advisors are licensed to provide this type of specific advice and so do not provide it to its clients.

Our advisors are entitled to and do rely upon the exemptions afforded to accountants as outlined in ASIC information sheet – INFO 216. This information sheet and the regulations behind it enables our advisors to provide taxation and factual advice in relation to superannuation and superannuation structures together with execution only services where no advice is provided.

Clients get the best personalised outcomes, however, when our Advisors collaborate with licensed financial planners to produce strategic outcomes incorporating all matters financial and taxation and this is how we prefer to operate in this area.



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