Business owners: 7 energy rebates & rewards that can save you money

  • Published on May 14, 2018

We all know that energy costs for businesses and households are rapidly increasing.

However, were you aware that a number of options are available for energy rebates and rewards to offset some of these rises?

Different types of businesses are rewarded in different ways for reducing their energy usage.

Eligible businesses and households can reduce monthly energy costs by applying for the following seven energy rebates and rewards – but hurry as some of them have deadlines for application:

  1. Energex Positive Payback Program (for business)

This program is designed to reduce overall energy demand in certain areas including Caboolture and Northern Brisbane (Brendale, Strathpine and many other areas).

It is a scheme for business, whereby variable rewards are available per eligible area, dependent upon the solution being implemented-  including more energy-efficient lighting and air conditioning, etc.

  1. Energex Positive Payback Program (for builders & developers)

This is a similar reward scheme – but it is designed to provide rewards for developers and builders who design and construct energy-efficient new housing developments.

  1. Energex Positive Payback (for retailers & tradespeople)

This is a similar energy rebate and rewards program to the two already mentioned.

However, it includes cash rewards for retailers and tradies who sign up their clients to PeakSmart air conditioning, hot water, and pool economy tariffs.

  1. Solar Communities Program

This provides grants of $2,500-$12,500 to not-for-profit community organisations (including community sporting clubs, kindergartens, centres and associations) in eligible regions to fund small-scale renewable energy projects.

These could include the purchase and installation of solar photovoltaic panels and batteries, as well as solar hot water systems.

Eligible regions are determined by Federal Electoral Divisions but include many suburbs in the inner, northern, southern and eastern Brisbane area.

(Hurry! Applications for this funding opportunity close on 31st May 2018).

  1. Energex Positive Payback Program (for households)

You already know about the Energex Positive Payback Program. This one includes rewards to households for connecting hot water services and air conditioning systems to economy tariffs.

  1. Energy-Efficient Appliance Rebates

These energy rebates are available to any business or household that purchases 4-star or higher-rated washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners.

  1. Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning Incentives

These incentives apply for businesses or households that purchase and install new PeakSmart air conditioners or convert existing air conditioners.


We’ve helped many businesses achieve lower monthly energy costs – and these energy rebates and rewards are a great start.

If you’re looking to reduce your overall energy costs, contact SRJ Walker Wayland’s Dianne Brown on (02) 3490 9988 for advice.