Calling all Moreton Bay Community Organisations and Athletes

Did you know Round 1 of the Moreton Bay Regional Council Community Grants Program is now open?

What is this?

The Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) provides support to community organisations and individuals who have achieved outstanding results in their chosen field through 6 key programs.  

  1. Community Activities Grant
  2. Community Facilities Grant
  3. Community Organisation Development Grant
  4. Community Organisation Equipment Grant
  5. Individual Achievement Grant
  6. Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF)

When do I need to apply?

Applications for each program close on 31st August, 2018 with funding available for projects commencing after 1 January 2019 in most cases.

What else do I need to know?

Details of each program are summarised below:

MBRC ProgramFunding (maximum) $Eligibility CriteriaEligible Projects
1. Community Activities Grant$5,0001. Community Organisation based in Moreton Bay Region
2. Project will benefit residents of our region
3. $20 million public liability insurance
4. Acquitted all previous MBRC grants
Self-sustainable projects that support local community, cultural, sporting and environmental activities including:

1. Encouraging residents to know their neighbours
2. Increasing parks and natural areas
3. Promote participation in community life and use of council halls Enhance the safety of local neighbourhoods
4. Promote volunteering for your organisation
5. Encourage residents to participate in an active and healthy lifestyle

2. Community Facilities Grant$15,000
(with 25% co-contribution)
1.Community Organisation based in Moreton Bay Region
2. Project will benefit residents of our region
3. $20 million public liability insurance
4. Acquitted all previous MBRC grants AND
5. Be an owner of land and/or the community facility OR have an existing land tenure agreement
This grant provides funding to develop new or improve existing community facilities and includes both facility planning and construction/improvement projects such as:

1.Preparing plans and drawings
2. Preparing and lodging a DA
3. Engaging building certifiers
4. Construction projects such as fences, storage sheds, outdoor areas
5. Upgrades to air conditioning, audio/visual systems bathrooms, kitchen and power supplies
6. Installation of solar panels and security systems

3. Community Organisation Development Grant$5,0001. Community Organisation based in Moreton Bay Region
2. $20 million public liability insurance
3. Acquitted all previous MBRC grants
This program aims to enhance the self-sustainability of community organisations by providing funding to develop the organisational capacity and sustainability. Projects funded may include:

1. Development of Strategic and Business Plans
2. Committee training and mentoring
3. Governance Reviews
4. Enhancement to the digital capacity of your organisation

4. Community Organisation Equipment Grant$2,0001. Community Organisation based in Moreton Bay
2. Not received funding under this grant in the 2017/2018 financial year
3. Have acquitted all prior MBRC grants
This program provides funding for small equipment purchases to enhance the day-to-day operations of the organisation. Eligible equipment includes:1. Computers & IT equipment
2. Mowers and tools
3. Fridges, freezers and white goods
4. Audi-visual equipment
5. Marquees and outdoor furniture
6. Office and other furniture
5. Individual Achievement Fund$200 (QLD)

$500 (AUS)

Moreton Bay residents <25 who have qualified or been selected by a peak body to represent Queensland or Australia in one of the following areas:1. Sport and recreation
2. Environment
3. Arts & Culture
4. Academic Excellence
5. Community Leaders and ambassadors
6. Heritage and History
Note that applications are accepted up to three months before or after the event
6. Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF)$5,000OR

$15,000 on approval from MBRC Grants Officer

Interest Free Arts Loans

This is a combined initiative between state and local government for organisations and groups that are:1. Not-for-profits
2. Have $20 million public liability insurance
3. Have acquitted all previous MBRC grants
4. Have no outstanding debt to council
MBRC RADF funding is comprised of 4 categories:

1. Developing MBRC creative skills
2. Providing Support for Creative Tourism
3. Support Collections and Stories from past and present
4. Support the research and development of creative project ideas
5. Deliver arts and cultural events that celebrate the cultural vitality of the Moreton Bay region

Want to know more?

For further information, please refer to or contact Dianne Brown of SRJ Walker Wayland on 07 3490 9988.